We send out three club shipments per year—in February, May, and October.

Absolutely! We will email and text you before each club shipment to let you know the standard set of wines to be included, the deadline to customize, and you can easily swap out the wines of your choosing by logging into your profile, calling or texting us at (707)-788-8976, or emailing wineclub@bricouleurvineyards.com

  • Go to the Bricoleur Vineyards Website and click on the profile button   ( login button on the far right top).  Note: This button may not show up if your browser is set on “Narrow Screen”
  • Enter your email and password information to login
  • After you login, your “Account Dashboard” will load onto your screen.
  • Click on the “Club Memberships” tab (located in the middle of your screen).
  • You will then see your recommended wine selections for this club shipment
  • On the left side, you will see your current pickup/shipping and credit card information. Please double-check and make sure that everything is current and correct for both items.
  • On the right side of the “Membership” tab you will see your wine selections. Below your wine selection, you will see the “Adjust your Shipment” button. Click on that button, if you’d like to customize your shipment. On the right side of the screen, you have the option to change the quantity of bottles you’d like to receive or to exchange the bottles for another wine variety which you will find down on the left side of the page.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a 3-bottle club member you must always have 3 bottles in your cart, 6-bottle club members must always have 6 bottles in your cart and 12-bottle club members must always have 12 in your cart. Therefore, make any wine additions to your cart before deleting the wines to ensure that you are always at or above your club membership level. Otherwise, the system will not allow or accept your changes.
  • If you have modified your club shipment and you are happy with your selections, the system will automatically save your selections and will process your order.
  • For customers who have their club shipment delivered, you can finalize your order by going to your “Account Dashboard” then click “Club Memberships” and then click the “Ship Now” button to confirm your order and have it shipped immediately.
  • Note: once you have finalized the order and your credit card has been processed, then you can no longer go back and make any further changes to the shipment without having to refund the order and start over again.
  • When you are all finished with updating your shipping, credit card information, or order information you need to go back to “Your Account” page by hitting the browser back arrow button. Then, click on the “Logout” tab when you are all finished.

The only cost associated with your club membership is the wine you select for each shipment. However, we do require a minimum commitment of three club shipments.

Yes, you may change your club level to receive more or fewer bottles. Please contact us at wineclub@bricoleurvineyards.com to make any changes. 

Yes, we offer a 6-month hold on your membership so you can maintain your membership status without dropping the club completely. We require 2 consecutive club shipments before processing a hold on your membership. Contact our wine club manager about your membership. 

Upon joining the wine club, you agree to receive a minimum of three club shipments/1 year commitment. After three shipments, you may cancel without penalty. If you choose to cancel the wine club prior to receiving three club shipments, we will issue a $150 administration fee for early cancellations.  

Your wine club benefits will be automatically applied online so long as you are logged in to your profile. If you need help setting up your profile or changing the password, please call or text us at 707-788-8976, or email us at wineclub@bricoleurvineyards.com. We are always happy to assist you in booking and purchasing over the phone.

Your club benefits and discount are activated for wine and experience as soon as you sign up and take home your first shipment. We do not waive tasting fees for your reservation upon signup.

All cancellations must be received before the club processing date to be applied to the current shipment. All cancellation requests that come in after the processing date will go into effect for future wine club shipments.

Wine club memberships will auto-renew with members’ information without proper notice or cancellation. 

Please call or text us at 707-788-8976, log in to your profile, or email wineclub@bricoleurvineyards.com to update your membership information. All updates, changes, and cancellations must be received at least 1 week prior to the scheduled ship date (or customization deadline) in order to be applied to the upcoming shipment. We can not guarantee that any updates received after this deadline will be applied to the upcoming shipment. 

Please confirm your shipping address prior to each club shipment to avoid shipping and processing issues. All wine orders require an adult signature upon delivery, and the shipping carrier will attempt delivery three times before returning it to us. A new shipping fee will be assessed to re-send any returned orders. Please contact us immediately after you notice any shipping errors, and we will be happy to assist with the shipping carrier to intercept or re-direct your order.  We strongly suggest that you ship all club orders to a business address to ensure that your order can be received. We are not able to ship to a PO Box, or to THESE states: Utah, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine. 

Club members will be notified by email and text message with the shipping dates. Once the shipment gets picked up by FedEx, the member will receive the tracking info via email. 

Yes, we can ship your wine club shipment to any address, as long as we can ship to that state.   

We let all club members know far in advance via text and email all relevant dates, information, and deadlines prior to each club shipment.  

Despite our best efforts, wine bottles are fragile and can sometimes break in transit. If this happens, contact our wine club manager and we will rectify the situation. 

Yes! We are happy to hold your wine club shipment till the weather improves. Wine club members are responsible for reaching out to reschedule the shipment date.  


We are a family friendly environment and welcome children and dogs at all times. We kindly request that children are kept under strict adult supervision at all times, and dogs be on leash while at Bricoleur Vineyards.

Dogs are allowed in all outside areas at Bricoleur Vineyards, but not in the Winery Barn — with the exception of official service animals, which are always welcome! All dogs must never be left unattended.

On your member login page click “Magic Link” or “Forgot Your Password?”.

You will be asked to provide the email address we currently have on file. Then click the “Reset Password” button.

A reset password email will be sent to your email account. The link expires in 4 hours so be sure to use it soon.

Check your email and find the “Forgot Password” or “Magic Link” email.  There is a chance it may be in your spam/promotion inbox.

Once you find the email click the button to reset your password for your account.

You will create a new password and confirm that password.

Currently, we are not certified and permitted to host weddings at Bricoleur Vineyards.  We can host rehearsal dinners, welcome receptions, day after brunches, and many other types of events to help create the perfect wine country wedding weekend!  For more information, contact our Events Team at events@bricoleurvineyards.com

New Year’s Day – Closed

Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Open

Washington’s Birthday – Open

Easter – Open

Memorial Day – Open

Independence Day – Closed

Columbus Day – Open

Veterans Day – Open

Day before Thanksgiving – Closed

Thanksgiving Day – Closed

Christmas Eve – Closed

Christmas Day – Closed

New Year’s Eve – Open until 3 pm