Chef Thomas Bellec

Chef Bellec comes to Bricoleur Vineyards after a sensational 23-year career with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. An accomplished chef with a passion for developing and coaching teams, Chef Bellec has been at the forefront of creative culinary offerings at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in Hawaii, Beverly Hills, Toronto, Boston, and Uruguay.

He was raised in the coastal town of Concarneau in Brittany, France where cooking and hospitality run in his family. His grandparents owned a prominent bakery, and his father was a professional fisherman, a passion that Chef Bellec embraces, too. He grew up fishing and hunting for mussels, clams, and periwinkles to cook with his family, and apprenticed at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Concarneau before joining Four Seasons. In 2014, Chef Bellec was deeply honored to be named a Master Chef of France by Maîtres Cuisiniers de France, an organization that was established in 1951 to bring together chefs, farmers, and artisans who best support and promote French culinary art.

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