• COVID-19 Policy

    COVID-19 Policy


    We have provided training to all employees on any new COVID-19 – related procedures or equipment required to maintain their safety in accordance with OSHA and CDC standards, such as the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), etc.

    We are not accepting the handling of/purchasing with cash.

    Our employees are regularly self-monitoring for symptoms and taking their own temperatures each day before traveling to work.  Any employees with a temperature reading of 100 degrees or higher, or that exhibits any other COVID-19 related symptoms (cough, sore throat, vomiting, or diarrhea) is required to stay home.

    Our employees will notify their supervisor if they begin to feel sick and immediately leave the premises.

    Our employees will wear face coverings and gloves during tasting hours.

    Employees will be required to dispose of gloves and wash their hands before and after each tasting session.

    Bricoleur Vineyards workspaces for employees maintain 6 feet of separation and establish the “maximum physical distancing occupancy” for our space.


    Our tasting locations are clearly marked and located at intervals of no less than six feet in order to comply with social distancing recommendations.

    Our tasting locations are primarily outdoors and adhere to social distancing and sanitation requirements.

    The number of our guests is limited by the number of tasting areas available, and all tastings conducted will be by appointment only to further manage the number of guests visiting at one time.

    Our tasting area entrance doors will be propped open to encourage fresh airflow.

    Our tasting menus are one-use-only and disposed of after each tasting.


    We have posted Covid-19 Information signage at winery entrances with winery/tasting area sanitation procedures posted at the door and or in designated outdoor tasting areas.

    We have regularly scheduled sanitization of all tasting room surfaces including doorknobs, light switches, tasting room stations, and bathroom fixtures at multiple and frequent intervals.

    We are offering hand sanitizer throughout the winery tasting room, as well as complimentary disposable gloves and face masks.

    We are sanitizing all tasting stations at the conclusion of every tasting session.

    We have placed signage recommended by the CDC in our public restrooms to remind guests to wash hands.

    Wine bottles are handled by tasting room staff only and will not contact a guest’s glass.

    Communal wine “dump buckets” have been removed. If you’d like a personal dump bucket, please ask a tasting room associate.

    Glassware used for each tasting session is sanitized and washed immediately upon conclusion of each tasting to ensure used glasses do not collect in racks or tasting area.

    A nightly cleaning crew cleans, sanitizes, and disinfects all areas of our facility to encourage a safe environment for our guests and staff.

  • How To Customize Your Club Shipment

    • Go to the Bricoleur Vineyards Website and click on profile button   ( login button on the far right top).  Note: This button may not show up if your browser is set on “Narrow Screen”
    • Enter your email and password information to login
    • After you login, your “Account Dashboard” will load onto your screen.
    • Click on the “Club Memberships” tab (located in the middle of your screen).
    • You will then see your recommended wine selections for this club shipment
    • On the left side, you will see your current pickup/shipping and credit card information. Please double-check and make sure that everything is current and correct for both items.
    • On the right side of the “Membership” tab you will see your wine selections. Below your wine selection, you will see the “Adjust your Shipment” button. Click on that button, if you’d like to customize your shipment. On the right side of the screen, you have the option to change the quantity of bottles you’d like to receive or to exchange the bottles for another wine variety which you will find down on the left side of the page.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a 3-bottle club member you must always have 3 bottles in your cart, 6-bottle club members must always have 6 bottles in your cart and 12-bottle club members must always have 12 in your cart. Therefore, make any wine additions to your cart before deleting the wines to ensure that you are always at or above your club membership level. Otherwise, the system will not allow or accept your changes.
    • If you have modified your club shipment and you are happy with your selections, the system will automatically save your selections and will process your order.
    • For customers who have their club shipment delivered, you can finalize your order by going to your “Account Dashboard” then click “Club Memberships” and then click the “Ship Now” button to confirm your order and have it shipped immediately.
    • Note: once you have finalized the order and your credit card has been processed, then you can no longer go back and make any further changes to the shipment without having to refund the order and start over again.
    • When you are all finished with updating your shipping, credit card information, or order information you need to go back to “Your Account” page by hitting the browser back arrow button. Then, click on the “Logout” tab when you are all finished.
  • How To Reset Your Password

    On your member login page click “Magic Link” or “Forgot Your Password?”.

    You will be asked to provide the email address we currently have on file. Then click the “Reset Password” button.

    A reset password email will be sent to your email account. The link expires in 4 hours so be sure to use it soon.

    Check your email and find the “Forgot Password” or “Magic Link” email.  There is a chance it may be in your spam/promotion inbox.

    Once you find the email click the button to reset your password for your account.

    You will create a new password and confirm that password.