Unwrap Joy – Bricoleur Holiday Gift Guide

As the 2023 holiday season approaches, our Holiday Gift Guide offers a curated selection of gift sets designed to suit the diverse tastes, passions, and preferences of your loved ones. Giving the gift of Bricoleur Vineyards specialty item is the perfect way to say “thank you” & “Happy Holidays.” Whether you’re searching for the ideal gesture for employee recognition, client gifts, celebrating with friends, or treating your family.   

The Supper Club: For The Hosts and Hostesses

An ideal choice for the cherished hostess in your life. A complete meal kit and wine pairing that can easily be enjoyed at their next dinner party. This gift set includes an exclusive inaugural release of our La Rumeur Red Blend, estate-made pasta sauce crafted from our garden’s harvest, and artisanal estate-dried pasta handcrafted by our culinary team. It adds a touch of sophistication to any celebration. Perfectly tailored for those who value fine wine, locally sourced ingredients, and sustainability.  

Sip and Sparkle: For The Luxury Lifestyle Enthusiasts

A gift set caters to those with a taste for life’s luxuries. Featuring our North Coast Brut, a Makana candle in the Isla scent, and beautifully crafted matches, it provides everything necessary to create an atmosphere of elegance. It caters to those with an eye for elegance, a taste for luxury, and an affinity for curating an ambiance filled with sophistication and joy. 

Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Hot Chocolate Bundle: For The Cozy Homebodies

This gift is ideal for those who love cozy at home, especially during cold winter days. It provides all the essentials for crafting a relaxing cup of hot chocolate, featuring an estate-made hot chocolate mix meticulously prepared by our culinary team, a handcrafted mug skillfully made by our neighbor at Hayes Ceramics, and locally made marshmallows. Perfect for those who appreciate the simple joys of winter.  

Olive Oil Infusion Kit: For The Home Chefs

Whether it’s a home cook looking to impress family and friends or an aspiring chef who loves experimenting with new ingredients, this set includes everything you need to create your own versatile custom olive oil blends. We are proud to produce our own estate olive oil. We have planted more than 200 olive trees. The olives are handpicked, and the fruit is then transported to Olivino, a local mill in Hopland. There, the olives are processed in a certified organic facility and cold-pressed within 12 hours of when they are harvested. Alongside the estate olive oil, the gift features a small glass crew chubby bottle, an assortment of dried herbs and citrus, and a recipe card from our culinary team. It is a perfect selection for those who relish discovering new flavors.

Sea Salt Trio: For The Foodies

An excellent choice for the foodie, ideal for those with a deep appreciation for gourmet ingredients and a passion for culinary adventure. The set showcases three distinctive sea salts that our culinary team tries to incorporate into many of our dishes: Hawaiian-Style Black Lava Sea Salt, Alaea Red Sea Salt, and Fleur de Sel de Guerande Sea Salt. These salts are an excellent way to elevate any dish. It’s a versatile gift suitable for various culinary interests and skill levels.

Butter Love & Hardwork Holiday Chocolate Bar: For The Sweet Tooth

A true delight for the chocolate lover in your life. The gift set showcases exclusive chocolate bars by the renowned chocolatier Chris Ford. We’ve partnered with Chef Ford for two years, even hosting the Chris Ford x Bricoleur Vineyards Chocolate Dinner earlier this year. His brand, ‘Butter Love & Hardwork,’ is known for its opulent visuals and innovative flavors, with an impressive client list including Madonna, The Kardashians, John Legend, and more. Additionally, this set includes an exclusive wine club release of our Rockpile Zinfandel, a treat typically reserved for members. It’s a perfect symphony for those who savor the harmonious pairing of fine wine and gourmet chocolates, celebrating life’s finest pleasures.  

Isla Rose Brut Rosé: The Gift That Gives Back

Give the gift that gives back. Bricoleur Vineyards will donate $5 to the V Foundation for cancer research for each Isla Rose Brut Rosé bottle purchased. With every purchase of a case of Isla Rose Brut Rosé, the founders of Bricoleur Vineyards will match the $60 donation to the V Foundation in support of cancer research. Everyone has been affected by cancer in one way or another. Bricoleur Vineyards is dedicated to making a difference. The Isla Rose Brut Rosé offers a delightful blend of white cherry, strawberry, and rosewater, with rich cherry marmalade and citrus notes, perfect for any occasion.  

Bricoleur Vineyards E-Gift Card: For Everyone

Searching for the ultimate gift for the perfectionist in your life? Our Bricoleur Vineyards e-gift card is a foolproof gift that will excite anyone. This versatile gift can be redeemed online or in person at our tasting room. Our e-gift cards are hassle-free and will be promptly emailed to the recipient directly. No more worrying about selecting the ‘perfect’ gift.

These carefully curated options are the perfect fit for anyone in your life. May your holiday season be filled with warmth and the joy of sharing these exceptional gifts with your loved ones.

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