Chef Todd Knoll

After cooking professionally at The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, Chef Todd Knoll came to Sonoma in 2003 where he served as Executive Chef at Jordan Vineyard & Winery for more than 18 years. A pioneer of Sonoma’s farm-to-table ethos, he developed numerous successful programs, award-winning culinary products, and local partnerships during his tenure at Jordan. Chef Knoll spends most of his free time in pursuit of the bounty and beauty of Sonoma – fishing, foraging, exploring, and photographing all that the area has to offer. Chef Knoll and Chef Bellec both grew up in coastal towns – Chef Bellec in France and Chef Knoll in Hawaii. They share a love for the coast and draw inspiration from it when they can. Chef Knoll also works hand-in-hand with Bricoleur Vineyards’ Garden Manager, Michael de Paolo, to plant seasonal ingredients that flourish in the estate’s sustainably farmed culinary gardens.

“Sonoma has a deep history in its farms and gardens, and I like to think that we can carry on in the spirit of horticulturist Luther Burbank here,” said Chef Knoll. “It’s hard to find something that Mikey can’t make thrive in Bricoleur soil.”

Bricoleur Vineyards recently won Slow Food International’s Snail of Approval for growing good, clean, and fair food. The gardens’ bounty and additional locally sourced artisan ingredients are featured in Bricoleur Vineyards’ Perfect Pairings: the six-course Rooted pairing, three-course Soaring pairing, and Atelier Bricoleur – all created in partnership with Bricoleur Vineyards’ winemakers, and crafted with the chefs’ “wine first” philosophy.

“A perfect pairing elevates both wine and food, so we work very closely with the winemakers. My goal is to highlight what the team finds to be most special about each wine and vintage,” added Chef Knoll. “I’m excited to continue working with Bricoleur’s beautiful wines, creating new and exciting pairings on a chef’s perfect playground.”

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