Local Artist Alert: Coleman Ink

By: Cassi & Kirk Coleman

Kirk and Cassi Coleman are a local artist team making up ColemanInk. Using recycled materials for canvases, they collaborate in painting uniquely contrasting art pieces. Kirk paints vibrant, colorful pieces using acrylic paints, while Cassi uses oil paints to paint greyscale portraiture. As children they fell in love with art, but that love has grown into something much more. Kirk and Cassi actually started dating after they had done their first art collaboration piece together. Kirk works pouring concrete and Cassi runs a childcare. It is now four years since their first piece and they are still using their contrasting art as a creative outlet. Their differences allow their work to portray beautiful abstract emotion and stories.

To read more about their work and follow their progress, follow their Instagram account @ColemanInk
For work enquiries email Cassi Coleman:  cassicoleman87@gmail.com

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